Traditional crime has become less profitable for perpetrators. Thanks to efficient crime prevention strategies bank robberies, for example, have declined by over 90 percent in the OK over the last 20 years, with similar trends in most other jurisdictions. This is due to experienced-based crime prevention with envolved security in banks, including self-locking cash drawers and vaults and silent alarms. Car thefts have dropped almost as rapidly with more secure and even smart vehicles. It is much harder today to rob a bank or steal a car compared to 20 years ago.

Offenders follow opportunities. Thus the Internet or the Cyberworld has become the focus of the new age of criminals. The potential profits are immense and the Cyberworld is still poorly regulated. Few cybercrimes are detected; fewer still result in prosecution and punishment.

The Cybersecurity Profilers team has set itself the task of improving security in the cyber world by systematically analyzing cybercrimes and its perpetrators, identifying patterns and publishing the results.

Preventing crime in the cyberspace is probably the singe greatest challenge to the international criminal justice.