B90 Holdings PLC

UK-based sports betting and casino gambling venture

Bet90 Holdings PLC is the former Veltyco Group PLC. The renaming took place after the arrest of the founder of the Veltyco Group, Uwe Lenhoff. Since the founding of Veltyco in the course of a reverse takeover (RTO) in 2016, Lenhoff had used the listed company to launder money for his broker scams. Lenhoff was arrested in January 2019 and, through his Cypriot trustee, remains the majority shareholder of Bet90 Holdings PLC.

In February 2020, the Board of Directors consist of:

The main shareholders of the company are Uwe Lenhoff via his trustees, Dirk Jan Bakker, Falk Preussner, and Peter Paul Westerterp.

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