Dirk-Jan Bakker

Dutch real-estate investor with scam connections

The Dutch real estate investor Dirk-Jan “DJ” Bakker, born in 1961, was a close partner of the arrested and German scam artist and cybercrime mastermind Uwe Lenhoff. Lenhoff was found dead in his German prison cell in July 2020. Cause of death unknown, the authorities said. Together with Lenhoff, Bakker established the public-listed Veltyco Group PLC in 2016. After Lenhoff’s arrest, the company was renamed Bet90 Holdings PLC.

The Amsterdam-based Andantino B.V. is one of Bakker’s real-estate investment companies.

According to QuoteNet, Bakker’s real-estate business in Amsterdam is developing well. The figures show that he now owns about 700 addresses, thanks in part to a housing deal he made with Ben Mandemakers. “I love all my assets’,” says Bakker about his real estate collection, with the focus on Amsterdam. As a race-Amsterdammer, he uses the almost incomprehensible capital road plan for a beautiful business metaphor: ‘There is already enough one-way traffic in Amsterdam. You have to give something back now and then. ‘It sounds almost Cruijffian, but it’s true.

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