Stephan Welk

German fake diplomat and convicted fraudster

The German Stephen WELK, born 1967, is an African diplomat and entrepreneur. He has been twice sentenced to prison terms for fraud. In September 2019 he was again arrested in Germany on charges of fraud. Allegedly, he sold fraudulent diplomatic passports.

He used to be one of the big shots in the international crypto money-laundering space with a focus on international crypto-trading. Welk was a founding member of the core team of NEXUS GLOBAL, a Crypto-MLM scheme operated by the German MLM artists Christian Michel SCHEIBENER and Michael THOMALE.

Welk’s partner in the Aduno Beratungsagentur GmbHKai Domsgen. Welk and Domsgen are both diplomats of the African São Tomé und Príncipe. Their German Aduno purportedly is the majority shareholder of the right wing online media group DEPESCHEN.

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