Charli AHO

Charli AHO
Charli AHO received his bachelor degree at the age of 15?

An Austrian Crypto-Artist

Charli AHO is an Austrian citizen, co-founder of the crypto-mining company Crypto Unity OG, co-founder of the Austrian COINTED, and a close friend of Daniil ORLOV. One of AHO’s co-founders of COINTED is Christopher RIEDER who was allegedly involved in the collapsed crypto-scheme OPTIOMENT.

AHO played a crucial role in the failed COINTED ICO and falsely claimed that Crypto Unity OG and its mining business was sold to COINTED. The intention was to make COINTED more attractive for investors. The co-founder of Crypto Unity OG consequently filed a criminal complaint against AHO.

updated: 17/05/2018

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