updated: 25/03/2019

Thomas Wagenhofer

An Austrian Networker and Real-Estate Investor

Real-Estate Developer
Thomas WAGENHOFER is an Austrian citizen living in Sopron, Hungary. He is a well-known real-estate entrepreneur and business angel. Wagenhofer is closely connected with the Austrian crypto-trader community and a seeked-for real-estate developer. He is well connected with the international real-estate community and institutional real-estate investors.
Oligarch’s in Austria
Over the last couple of years, Wagenhofer positioned himself as first address as real-estate developer for Ukraine and Russian oligarchs. He is said to have excellent contacts to these sort of investors and developed the respective expertise for dealing with them. He is closely connected to Bulgarian government officials and Sberbank Europe. Moreover, he is said to maintain bisness relationships with certain wise guys in Eastern Europe.
Sports Management
Apart from his real-estate ventures, Wagenhofer is the president and sponsor of the Austrian football club FAC, one of the oldest and most traditional Austrian clubs founded in 1904.
Connections: Crypto Unity OG, Alfred DOBIAS, Michael PREISS, Alexander KÖNIG, Elvis NAKE, Dusko KNEZEVIC, Boyko BORISOV, Lazar HOPPL, Ronny PECIK, Stefan ZAPOTOCKY