The SEC and CFTC complaints charged several individuals and companies involved in the fraudulent All In Publishing (AIP) binary options marketing scheme. The charged individuals are the alleged mastermind Timothy Atkinson, and his co-conspirators.

According to the US regulators, Atkinson’s co-conspirators are Jay Passerino, Ronald Montano, Antonio Giacca, Travis Stephenson, Grayson Brookshire, Shmuel Pollen, Michael Wright, Martin Schranz, Willian E. Berry, and Justin Blake Barrett. The charged companies are All In Publishing, LLC, Gasher, Inc, GSD Master AG, Montano Enterprises, LLC, and Berry Mediaworks, LLC.

The final judgment in the respective SEC Complaint entered against Timothy Atkinson and his All in Publishing LLC in December 2019 ordered them to pay disgorgement of $27,208,987 in ill-gotten gains and $2,824,935 in pre-judgment interest. Furthermore, Atkinson has to pay a civil penalty of $27,208,987.

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